1.  Max. arm crowding force: 39.4kN Max. bucket digging force: 52.7kN {5.4tf}
  2. The combination of a large-capacity fuel tank and excellent fuel efficiency provides maximum extension for continuous operation hours.
  3. Lighter levers mean less operator fatigue over long hours of operation.
  4. The unique curve of the dozer blade helps to perform effective blade operation by turning up soil forward like a wave. The square-pipe-shaped arm is made of thick steel plate and boasts a high torsional rigidity.
  5. The use of one pump and a load sensing system reduces hydraulic power loss. A new hydraulic system has been installed that keeps energy loss to the minimum through circuits that minimize pressure loss, an advanced high efficiency pump, and other features. The load sensing system is powerful and makes simultaneous operations easy, and KOBELCO’ s unique tuning makes starts smoother. Together they achieve a feel in the control levers that is most ‘natural’ , closest to what the operator expects.
  6. The new engine is a PFRpump fuel injection engine for high reliability. It is equipped with cooled EGR that lowers the temperature of the air intake to reduce its oxygen concentration. It achieves big reductions in particulate matter (PM) and NOx emissions while boosting output
  7. The next-generation engine control is governed by a new version of ITCS, whice responds quickly to sudden changes in hydraulic load to ensure that the engine runs as efficiently as possible with a minimum of wasted output

Model Name SK75
Machine Type SK75-8


Type Direct injection, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler (Complies with EU (NRMM) Stage IIIA, US Tier III, and act on regulation, etc. of emissions from non-road special motor vehicles (Japan))
Rated power output kW/min-1 42 / 2,200 (ISO14396: 2002)*
41 / 2,200 (ISO9249: 2007)

*ISO 14396 meets EU regulation

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic capacity L System 107 / Tank level 67
Pump Type One variable displacement pump + 1 gear pump
Max.Discharge flow L/min 1 x 132 , 1 x 18

Swing System

Swing speed min-1{rpm} 11.5 {11.5}

Travel System

Travel Speed km/h 5.3 / 2.8
Gradeability % ( º ) 70 (35)
Track shoe mm 450
Travel motors 2 x axial-piston, two-step motors

Refilling Capacities & Lubrications

Fuel Tank L 140


Bucket capacity ISO heaped m3 0.4
Opening Width With side cutters mm 970
Without sidecutters mm 870

Operating Weight

Operating Weight kg 7,290
Ground Pressure kPa{kgf/cm2} 33.7 {0.31}