1. The iNDr filter fitted in front of the cooling system ensures easy cleaning. The iNDr system on the SK35SR/SK50P features air intake at the front of the machine and air exhaust underneath. It functions in the same way as the iNDr System on the SR series machines.
  2. Visual Checking and Easy Cleaning Because the iNDr filter removes dust from the intake air, cooling components stay dirt-free and do not require regular cleaning. The iNDr filter itself can be easily removed and cleaned without the use of tools.
  3. FUEL SAVING, Energy Conservation Mode The SK35SR/SK50P adapts S mode which enables 25 % (23 %: SK50P) less fuel consumption compared with H mode.
  4. Spacious Work Environment Broader floor space and a greater sliding range for the seat give operators plenty of foot room. Wide operational space is provided with more room between the left and right control consoles.
  5. The color crystal monitor is fitted as option. Operation data as well as the full range of machine-status data can readily be checked.
  6. Reliable Cab/Canopy Structure

Machine Type SK35SR-6


Type Water cooled, 4-cycle, 3-cylinder, direct injection, diesel engine
Rated power output kW/min-1 18.1 / 2,400 (ISO 14396)

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Oil Tank (system) L 20.4 (44.8)
Pump Two variable displacement pumps + one gear pump
Max.Discharge Flow L/min 2 x 38.4, 1 x 19.2
Relief Valve Setting MPa 23.0

Swing System

Swing speed min-1 8.4
Swing motors Axial piston motor

Travel System (high / low)

Travel Speed km/h 4.4 / 2.5
Track shoe mm 300
Track shoes Rubber
Travel motors 2 x axial-piston, two-step motors

Refilling Capacities & Lubrications

Fuel Tank L 42.0

Dozer Blade

Width x Height mm 1,700 x 345
Working ranges (height / depth) mm 395 / 320

Side digging mechanism

Type Boom swing
Offset Angle 70º to the left, 60º to the right


Bucket capacity m3 0.11
Bucket Width mm 600

Machine Mass & Ground Pressure

Machine Mass (canopy / cab) kg 3,610 / 3,770
Ground Pressure (canopy / cab) kPa 32.0 / 33.5