1. Advanced hydraulic technology keeps fuel costs low matches pump output with a high efficiency engine that conserves fuel, resulting in great productivity and low fuel consumption
  2. The use of high swing torque delivers a smoother, stronger and swing for faster, more efficient cycle times. It also provides plenty of start-up swing power for safe operation on slopes.
  3. Digging is smoother than ever with the newly shaped bucket.
  4. The large-capacity motor delivers the strongest travel power and drawbar pulling force in the machine's class, making it ideal for large civil engineering projects, rock-crushing work, and other power-intensive applications.
  5. The SK850LC has the widest crawlers in its class for outstanding lateral stability. Fitted with a 5.4 m3 bucket, it can safely lift a maximum of 9.92 tons over the side, the most in its class. (Condition: rating over side, 10.7 m reach at G. L., 900 mm shoe)
  6. The large-capacity fuel tank, combined with higher fuel efficiency, enables the SK850LC to operate continuously for twelve hours.
  7. The cooling fan changes speed automatically according to the temperature of the cooling water in the radiator. This prevents overheating when the water temperature rises, allowing continuous, high-load operation. When the water temperature falls, the cooling system operates very quietly, contributing to both low noise and low fuel consumption.
  8. The operating levers are light and easy to move, reducing operator fatigue over long hours of operation.
  9. The GEOSPEC machines have inherited the various systems that make inching and combined operations easy and accurate, with further refinements that make a good thing even better. Leveling and other combined operations can be carried out with graceful ease.

Main Specifications

Model Name SK850LC
Machine Type SK850LC


Type Direct injection, water-cooled, 4-cycle electrically-controlled common rail system type diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler
Power output kW/min-1{PS/rpm} 370 / 1,800 {503 / 1,800}

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic capacity L System 856 / Tank level 473
Pump Type Two variable displacement pumps +1 gear pump
Max.Discharge flow L/min 2 x 504 , 1 x 30

Swing System

Swing speed min-1{rpm} 8.4 {8.4}
Swing torque kN・m 268

Travel System

Travel Speed km/h 4.2 / 2.7
Drawbar pulling force kN{tf} 637 {65,000}
Gradeability % ( º ) 70 (35)
Track shoes Tier3 Model Double groucer shoe
Non-Tier3 Model Triple groucer shoe
Track shoe mm 650 / 750 / 900
Travel motors 2 x axial-piston motor, two-step motors

Refilling Capacities & Lubrications

Fuel Tank L 960


Bucket capacity ISO heaped m3 2.8 3.5 4.6 5.4
Struck m3 2.1 2.6 3.4 4.0
Bucket Opening Width With side cutters mm 1,680 2,000 2,200 2,500
Without side cutters mm 1,580 1,900 2,100 2,400

Operating Weight

Short Arm kg 78,700 - 80,500
Standard Arm kg 78,200 - 79,900
Long Arm kg 78,400 - 80,200
Mass Excavator kg 78,700 - 80,400