1. Large radiator, The high performance radiator with a wide heat exchange area has excellent cooling performance to operate the high-output engine at its best.
  2. This newly installed alarm warns operator of rise in radiator temperature, to eliminate risk of overheating.
  3. Large, thick cast-iron swing bracket/front bracket.
  4. A reinforced arm is fitted as standard. High-grade steel, which combines less weight with greater bending strength, is used. As with the arm, the boom has increased bending strength in the longitudinal direction though having the largest cross section area in the class. Under tough working conditions using a nibbler etc., it prevents cracking and other damage to the boom and arm over long working periods, and helps maintain a good price in the used machine market.
  5. Cast-iron idler link provide greater strength.
  6. The main fuel filter and pre-filter prevent engine problems due to fuel contamination.
  7. The standard feature of the protective cover guards the dust seals (for the bucket and arm) from the edges of hard palm tree leaves.

Main Specifications

Model Name SK50P-6 Cabin
Machine Type SK50P-6


Type Water-cooled, 4 cycle, 4 cylinder direct injection type diesel engine
Rated power output kW/min-1 Net 29.6 / 2,400 (ISO14396)
Net 28.3 / 2,400 (ISO9249)

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic capacity L System 57.7 / Tank 27.9
Pump Type Tandem variable displacement piston pumps
Relief Valve Setting MPa{kgf/cm2} 23.0 {235}

Swing System

Swing speed min-1{rpm} 8.8 {8.8}
Swing motors 1 x axial piston type

Travel System

Travel Speed km/h 3.7 / 2.1
Travel motors 2 x axial piston type

Refilling Capacities & Lubrications

Fuel Tank L 75

Dozer Blade

Width x Height mm 1,960 x 345
Working ranges (Height : Depth) mm 375 x 385

Side digging mechanism

Type Boom swing
Offset Angle 70 / 59


Bucket capacity m3 0.14
Bucket Width (with side cutter) mm 560 (600)

Operating Mass & Ground Pressure

Operating Mass / Cabin kg 4,840
Ground Pressure / Cabin kPa{kgf/cm2} 28.1 {0.28}