Lightweight, Solid Upper Frame The upper frame has been newly designed to increase sectional strength and optimise the frame’s stress capacity. This enhances rigidity and contributes to the crane’s exceptional lifting capacity. High-strength Lattice Boom, Ready for Hard Work Large-diameter main pipe strengthens the boom to significantly boost  lifting capabilities. Double Motors for Smooth Travel The crawler has double motors, one in front and one in the rear,  delivering steady, powerful traction for  smooth on-site travel.  Smooth Hoisting Increases  Work Efficiency Hoisting speed increases by approximately 30% ensuring faster,  more efficient work. Wide, Large-capacity Winches for Smooth High-rise Work The wide hoist winches provide an  impressive spooling capacity of 1,080m*  of 28mm hoist rope. Their large  capacity and large diameter prevent  uneven spooling and wear while  ensuring smooth operation during  high-rise work with a long boom  combination.  *SL6000S figure. Powerful Line Pull Winch Makes Tough Jobs Easy With the efficient combination of a high-output engine and high performance hydraulic motors, the winches deliver plenty of line pull for single-line work. There’s also ample capacity to get even the heaviest loads off the ground.


Lift Enhancer

HL Mast - 30 m 30 m
-Additional Weight - - ~250 t

 Luffing Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 400 t 377 t 377 t
5.5 m 7.0 m 12.0 m
Length 24 ~ 78 m 30 ~ 84 m 30 ~ 84 m

Long Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 113.5 t
Length 60 ~ 96 m

 Luffing Jib

Max.Lifting Capacity 113.5 t 113.5 t 113.5 t
Boom Length (Min~Max) 24 ~ 26 m 30 ~72 m 30 ~ 78 m
Jib Length (Min~Max) 24 ~ 26 m 24 ~ 66 m 24 ~ 66 m
Luffing Angle 66 ~ 86 degree

Power Plant

Model Hino E13C-WY
Engine Output 330 kW/1,800 min-1 {rpm}
Fuel Tank Capacity 600 liters

Hoist Winch (H1, H2) 

Max. Line Speed 110 m/min (1st layer)
Rated Line Full ( Single Line) 132 kN {13.5 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 28 mm

Working Speed 

Swing 1.2 min-1 {rpm}
Travel 1.0/0.6 km/h

Hydraulic System

Pumps 7 Variable displacement
Max. Pressure 32.0 MPa {326 kgf/cm2 }
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 710 liters


Working Weight * Approx. 400 t
Ground Pressure * 173 kPa {1.8 kgf/cm2 }
Counterweight Upper : 160 metric tons
Lower : 51 + 20 metric tons

Units are SI units. { } indicates conventional units.

*1 : Including Base machine, counterweights (=160t), carbody weights (=51 t). Not include quick connection devise and upper translifter.