1. Four variable displacement piston pumps are driven by heavyduty pump drive. Two of variable displacement pumps are used in the main hook hoist circuit, auxiliary hook hoist circuit, third hoist circuit and each propel circuit. One of the other two pumps is used in the boom hoist circuit, and the other is used in the swing circuit. Control: Full-flow hydraulic control system for infinitely variable pressure to front and rear drums, boom hoist brakes and clutches. Controls respond instantly to the touch, delivering smooth function operation. Cooling: Oil-to-air heat exchanger (plate-fin type) Filtration: Full-flow and bypass type with replaceable element Electrical system: All wiring corded for easy servicing, individual fused branch circuits.
  2. Front and rear drums for load hoist powered by a hydraulic variable plunger motors, driven through planetary reducers. Negative Brake: A spring-set, hydraulically released multipledisc brake is mounted on the hoist motor and operated through a counter-balance valve. (Positive free fall brake is optional item.) Drum lock
  3. Swing unit is powered by hydraulic motor driving spur gears through planetary reducers (2 sets), the swing system provides 360° rotation. Swing parking brakes: A spring-set, hydraulically released multiple-disc brake is mounted on swing motor. Swing circle: Single-row ball bearing with an integral internally cut swing gear.


Heavy Duty Crane Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 180 t / 3.75 m
Max. Length 42.7 m

Crane Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 160 t / 4.4 m
Max. Length 85.3 m

Luffing Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 110 t / 5.2 m
Max. Length 54.9 m

Long Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 40.1 t / 12.0 m
Max. Length 85.3 m

Fixed Jib

Max.Lifting Capacity 26.8 t / 15.2 m
Max.Length 30.5 m
Max. Combination 73.2 m + 30.5 m

Luffing Jib

Max.Lifting Capacity 48.6 t / 9.14 m
Jib. Length 21.3 m – 51.8 m
Max. Combination 54.9 m + 51.8 m
Luffing Angle 60o – 88o

Working Speed 

Swing Speed 2.6 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed 1.1/0.7 km/h

Power Plant

Model Hino P11C-UN
Engine Output 247 kW/2,000 min-1 {rpm}
Fuel Tank Capacity 400 Liters

Main & Aux.Winch

Max. Line Speed 100 m/min (1st layer)
Rated Line Full 132 kN {13.5 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 25.4 mm
Wire Rope Length 430 m (Main) 335 m (Aux.)
Brake Type Spring set hydraulically released (Negative)
Free Fall Brake Wet-type multiple disc brake (Optional)

Hydraulic System

Main Pumps 4 Variable displacement
Max. Pressure 31.9 MPa {325 kgf/cm2 }
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 550 liters

Self-Removal Device

Self-Erection Device Standard


Operating Weight* Approx. 164 t
Ground Pressure* 103  kPa {1.06 kgf/cm2 }
Counterweight 60.0 t (Upper), 20.0 t (Lower)
Transport Weight** Approx.44.0 t

* Including upper and lower machine, 60.0 ton counterweight, 20.0 ton carbody weight, basic boom, hook block, and other accessories.

** Base machine with boom base, trans-filter, crawlers, main and aux.winches (non-free fall), including wire rope, self removal device.

Units are SI units. {} indicates conventional units