1. Our efforts to transform thinking about transporting equipment have resulted in greater efficiency in every possible area. We designed the CKS series, BMS series, 7000S series to require less work and to be easier to transport, and to ensure safety during assembly and disassembly. What's more, simpler, more efficient loading for transport have reduced the cost of both transport and storage.
  2. Thanks to superbly rigid construction, and the use of high quality high tensile steel plate, we have been able to create a Upper Frame and body much lighter than other vehicles in the same class, with a greatly reduced width. Not only is assembly and disassembly more efficient, the CKS series, BMS series, 7000S series is easier to transport than any previous system.
  3. The self-removal device of the CKS series, mean that the crawler, carbody weight, and counterweight boom can be assembled and disassembled without the assistance of another crane.


Crane Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 120 t x 5.0 m
Max. Length 61.0 m

 Fixed Jib

Max.Lifting Capacity 12.0 t x 28.0 m
Max. Combination 61.0 m +30.5 m

Long Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 24.0 t x 16.0 m
Max. Length 79.2 m

 Tower Jib

Max.Lifting Capacity 20.0 t x 15.0 m
Max. Jib Length 44.2 m
Max. Combination 51.7 m + 44.2 m

Main & Aux. Winch 

Max. Line Speed ( 1st layer) 120 m/min
Rated Line Full ( Single Line) 118 kN {12.0 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 26 mm
Wire Rope Length 275 m (Main), 255 m (Aux)
Brake Type (Free fall) Wet-type multiple disc brake (Optional)

Working Speed 

Swing Speed 2.1 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed 1.3/0.9 km/h

Power Plant

Model Hino P11C-VH
Engine Output 271 kW/1,850 min-1
Fuel Tank 400 Liters

Hydraulic System

Main Pumps 4 Variable displacement
Max. Pressure 31.9 MPa {325 kgf/cm2 }
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 535 liters

Self-Removal Device

Self-Removal Device N/A


Operating Weight 120 t*1
Ground Pressure 93.6 kPa
Counterweight 53,110 kg
Transport Weight 34,800 kg*2

Units are SI units. { } indicates conventional units.

Line speeds in table are for light loads. Line speed varies with load.

*1 Including upper and lower machine, 53.1 ton counterweight, basic boom, hook, and other accessories.

*2 Base machine with boom base gantry, wire ropes (front/rear/boom hoist).