1. This crane offers the operator the choice of "independent circuits" that allow hydraulic pumps to drive the main and aux hoists and operate the boom independently, or "dual circuits" that use both pumps to drive hydraulic fluid together to operate the hoist motor; both circuits are available with a single touch. Whether working on bucket, material handling work site or building construction site, optimal performance is always available, resulting in improved operational efficiency. 
  2. Completely independent circuits for the main and aux hoists provide even when using both hoists simultaneously, with no adverse effect on either circuit. As a result, this crane lets you demonstrate your true worth as a professional when working in construction, where positioning requires adjustments of as little as a single inch. 
  3. The CKS series, BMS series, 7000S series has been designed to dual hoist circuits equipped with a free-fall function, allowing the speed of both winches to be synchronized easily even when the load on the main and support hoists is different. This offers the powerful, speedy response needed for material, handling bucket in ports or foundation and civil engineering construction work. The CKS series, 7000S series is equipped with a separate pump for hoisting the boom, allowing smooth operation when hoisting boom and rope. 
  4. The winches feature Kobelco’s independently developed wet brakes. Forced-oil-cooling makes these brakes resistant to the reduction in braking ability that occurs when temperatures rise, so that they are well suited to working for long periods. The use of multi-plate disks ensures sufficient braking capacity and means that braking can be performed with a modicum of force. What’s more, the brakes themselves are compact and encased in drums. 


Crane Boom

Max.Lifting Capacity 100 t* x 3.6 m / 90 t x 3.9 m*3
Max. Length 61.0 m

 Fixed Jib

Max.Lifting Capacity 10.9 t x 18.0 m
Max. Combination 51.8 m + 18.3 m

Main & Aux. Winch 

Max. Line Speed 120 m/min
Rated Line Full ( Single Line) 112 kN {11.4 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 26 mm
Wire Rope Length 240 m (Main), 165 m (Aux)
Brake Type (Free fall) Wet-type multiple disc brake (Optional))

Working Speed 

Swing Speed 4.0 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed 1.7/1.1 km/h

Power Plant

Model Hino J08E-VM
Engine Output 213 kW/2,100 min-1
Fuel Tank Capacity 400 Liters

Hydraulic System

Main Pumps 3 Variable displacement
Max. Pressure 31.9 MPa {325 kgf/cm2 }
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 440 liters

Self-Removal Device

  Counterweight/self-removal device (Option)


Operating Weight 90.1 t*1
Ground Pressure 101 kPa
Counterweight 31,900 kg
Transport Weight 41,360 kg*2

Units are SI units. {} indicates conventional units

Line speeds in table are for light loads. Line speed varies with load.

* 1Including upper and lower machine, 31.9 ton counterweight, 14.4 ton carbody weight, basic boom, hook, and other accessories.

*2 Base machine with boom base, gantry, crawlers, and wire ropes (front/boom hoist)

*3 Auxiliary sheave is must

* The value are theorical result